Mixer Operator

Vanee Foods Company

Job Description

2nd shift

·      Open and lift bags of ingredients and dump into carts or slurry kettle

·      Measure ingredients to the specified amount on “Raw Ingredient Worksheet” and pour into  totes to be dumped into carts or slurry kettle

·      Push carts full of product onto dumper

·      Operate control panel to mixer and dumper

·      Monitor batch to ensure correct temperature and weight in order to properly mix the product

·      Obtain sample from each batch of product for Quality Control to evaluate

·      Monitor equipment to ensure safe and efficient operation

·      Responsible for maintaining excellent quality, sanitation, safety and production standards

·      Complete miscellaneous tasks as directed

·      Maintain accurate paperwork documentation at all time

·      Any other activities as directed by a supervisor and/or manager

Job Requirements

·         High School Diploma or equivalent preferred but not required

·         Ability to accept responsibility and account for his/her actions

·         3-5 years previous experience – preferably in canning operation or other food experience

·         Ability to work with people is required

·         Ability to perform work accurately and thoroughly